Sunday, February 10, 2013

CNC Lathe Turned Components

Mori Seiki initially start life as a textile manufacture in the 1950’s the company transformed itself into a machine tool manufacturing business approximately 10 years later.

Through technology developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Mori Seiki know how the company developed a high-speed precision production lathe which evolved to NC lathe. Production started in Japan in the late 1960’s.

A mainstream Mori Seiki NC Lathe was accepted and used widely by the machine tool industry and in the late 1970's the manufacture Mori Seiki NC lathe had grown to number 1 in the market place with the greatest market share.

From the 1970’s Mori Seiki the company has worked to develop a wide range of machine tools in tool making, general machining, product machining and Machining centers. From the Japan base Mori Seiki service the manufacturing market across the globe.

CNC lathe is one of the main products of the current Mori Seiki brand. Improve both quality and reliability accuracy further, the NL Series machine monster Proven delivery of 10,000 units, was renewed in a way that meets the needs of consumers as well in terms of cost performance, NLX2500 series described in this paper, the company among them (as of October 2010) It is the latest product sector lathe CNC.
Products sector lathe CNC high-rigidity, high-precision, the company points from the time of the NL series, cutting a variety of species of 36 depending on the level of process integration and work sizes available have been valued by many engineers was.

Technology was originally developed by the company, "Built-in Motor Turret" is also included in the same series. Mechanism in milling of conventional lathes, this is the first technology industry in order to transmit a force through many parts such as belts and gear from the motor, has been developed to overcome the challenges that heat and vibration were widespread is. Can greatly increase the cutting force and the machining accuracy by as well as to minimize heat generation and vibration (structure built-in), in milling, to improve the transmission efficiency has become possible by incorporating therein turret motor.

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