Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Manufacturability of Parts

Determining the manufacturability of precision component is more about understanding the process by which it will be manufactured furthermore whether you have the machinery to manufacture. In most cases the Engineer / Designer that specifies at the the component along with tolerances and surface finish these specifications are based on the the specifiers experience. In many cases if the documents have been produced by an ex. machinist or ex. fabricator there is a good opportunity of assembly or erection in the first instance as a fabricator / machinist has to look at that part’s design and imagines the steps or requirements which will be necessary to produce the design. From that, he will develop the process needed to fabricate the part.

The problem is that most design engineers have limited training in terms of imagining how or the process of fabrication / machining. In some cases how a  process of work holding can determine the success or failure of a design.

At ALNO Product Services all of our designers and engineers have either fabrication and or machining experience ensuring that your products designed by ALNO Product Services will function as manufactured.

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