Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cylindrical Grinding

At ALNO Product Services our Cylindrical grinding process used to finish grind the external and or internal diameters for a cylindrical components. Cylindrical grinding produces a high quality surface finish along with higher degrees of accuracy in comparison to other machining methods.

Cylindrical grinding general is a grinding process where a wheel is traversing the length of the of a component surface, or plunge grinding in some cases.

For centre grinding the work piece is either held between 2 centres and driven by a drive dog, or one end is driven by a chuck and the other end is located by the centre. For internal grinding the work piece is commonly held in a chuck only.

The advantages of cylindrical grinding is that work pieces can be hardened or have hard coating applied before final finishing by grinding. As the hardening processes can distort the metal, centre grinding makes it possible to eliminate this distortion therefore offering a higher degree of accurately combined with finish hardened shafts.

In addition Cylindrical grinding produces a fine surface finish which reduces surface stress and therefore reduces fatigue cracking offering a component that can with stand high forces applied to a ground component incomparision to a CNC turned Componet.

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